Split PDF

Split single PDF into multiple PDF files by page numbers. Manage your large PDF documents better by divide into multiple more faster and secure.


NameString, Required

Filename including extension.

DocumentBuffer, Required

PDF file to be split. The file uploaded should always be PDF. The file should be passed as a binary file.

Page NumberNumeric, Required

Split document after the page number.

Split TypeOption, Required
Default: Simple Split

Specify whether the document should be split into two or split recurringly. Allowed values are

  • Simple Split
  • Recurring Split

When using Simple Split, the response will have two files. When using Recurring Split, the output file will be a single zip file containing multiple documents based on the split page number



The name of the output file.

DocumentsArray of object

The Document is an array, this array contains the document which has been split. The output PDF can be found in the docData in Base64 format.

Split PDF module in Make