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Automate with zero coding!

Integrate and automate your document workflows with the most popular no-code platforms.

Zapier with PDF4me

Connect and create automated document workflows with zero coding in Zapier with PDF4me. Let the Zaps do the action while you are busy with important tasks.

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Power Automate

Go paperless by automating your mundane and tiresome document jobs with Microsoft Power Automate and PDF4me. Save your valuable time for the most important jobs.

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Automate your routine document workflows by connecting PDF4me with Make, so you can focus more on growing your business while automation does the heavy lifting for you.

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Appy Pie

Create robust document workflows and automate them without complexity. Integrate, innovate and automate with Appy Pie and PDF4me with the least to no coding.

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Document Parser

Automate your scan processing with document classification and document parser. Extract document data to structured data to use further in automation. Automate the processing of your invoice and be able to rename the file with the text from the document using the document parser.

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Workflows is PDF4me’s own comprehensive solution to create and manage your complex document workflows. You can also use the feature to trigger and manage your document automation in Zapier and Power Automate. The all-in-one Workflows dashboard lets you create, monitor, and take care of your workflows also while acting as a remote trigger for your PDF4me automation.

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Document Generation

Automate customized document generation using our new reporting engine.

Generate high-quality documents with dynamic data customized for each recipient. You can use Word, PDF, or HTML format to create document templates of your choice. Use simple design syntax to create templates for Invoices, Receipts, Bank Statements, or any such custom template.

Use dynamic data from sources like Excel, JSON, and XML to populate data into your templates and create awesome documents.

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Mail merge using PDF4me API

Integrate with PDF4me APIs

Simplify your document jobs and save time by connecting PDF4me APIs

Barcodes, QR codes, and Watermarks

Create and apply the most common Barcodes or QR codes to your PDF documents. Even generate compliant Swiss QR codes for your bills.

Moreover, create and apply watermarks - both text and image - to PDF files as well. Control position, color, transparency, and more of these features with simple configs.

Document Conversions

Powered with advanced processors, PDF4me APIs are the perfect solution for your automation with Power Automate, Zapier, Make, and Appy Pie.

Construct workflows with multiple features by choosing from a broad range of customizable actions to process your documents.

Get a free account and try the APIs. We are sure you won’t think to look at another option.

Merge, Split, and Optimize

Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF in the desired order.

Split PDF files using unique text, page numbers or even using the text embedded in the Barcodes contained in them.

Compress, rotate or remove pages from PDF files. Even optimize your PDF files for displaying on web pages or for print jobs.

Scan and Archive with OCR

Archive PDF documents created using Scans of physical documents using PDF4me.

PDF4me employs one of the most advanced OCR engines to recognize text in images and document scans to enable data extraction.

Furthermore, use the PDF/A feature to generate compliant PDFs for long-term archiving and prevent data tampering.

API Libraries for Developers!

Easy integration to the most popular language platforms

PDF4me is now fully equipped with robust and scalable APIs with features that will make your document jobs effortless. For you to have even less integration work, client libraries are provided in the most common coding languages. Simplify your document jobs and save time by connecting PDF4me with advanced document actions in swagger.

Choose the language that best fits your implementation.

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