PDF4me is available in AppyPie connect with all PDF features required for documentation. You may select the appropriate connectors and features to create a good workflow automation in AppyPie.

You can now register at PDF4me PDF4me API Portal and start using the PDF4me connector in AppyPie for free. First, 20 usage calls are free and let you try all features.

AppyPie is a new and intelligent way to connect your applications and automate work with the PDF4me features, For Instance, using the PDF4me connector in AppyPie helps you access a document from email applications or storage spaces like Gmail or OneDrive, process it using PDF4me and save the processed document back at the same space. And yes! All of these can be automated.

You can perform multiple-processing of your documents with AppyPie. Should you need to convert doc to Pdf, optimize it, add watermark or stamp it using PDF4me connector, AppyPie provides the right platform with PDF4me along-side You can further use AppyPie to save the files in Cloud storage or email it as an attachment.

How to authorize PDF4me with AppyPie Connect

To use PDF4me Connect, you need to authenticate with basic authentication. You can register at PDF4me PDF4me API Portal or PDF4me Web. When you register at PDF4me API Portal, you will get 20 free API calls from our developer portal to try our features.

The number of calls is based on the plan you choose. If you decide to buy, it is also auto-renewable on a monthly basis. When you register at PDF4me Web you can purchase a Day Pass to test the Api Key from your Account Settings section. The number of calls is fixed, along with a one-time purchase.

API Key from PDF4me Web

Key from PDF4me Web

API Key from PDF4me PDF4me API Portal

Key from PDF4me API Portal

How to use API Key in AppyPie Connect?

When you choose PDF4me from the connector list and choose an action, you may be asked to provide the API Key as shown below. You can enter the API Key in the text box and proceed to use PDF4me actions.

PDF4me API key integration to Make