Technology Partners

Our solution is only perfect when our Partners are also providing excellent and quality approved functionalities for PDF4me. We are using many different libraries to provide the best PDF solutions for our customers. Explore the following list to see with whom we have partnered.

PDF Tools

PDF Tools AG provides the best PDF libraries on the market. It gives PDF4me the quality needed. When it comes to PDF standards, PDF Tools AG has the right solution. PDF Tools AG is the Swiss representative on the ISO committee for PDF/A and PDF and has contributed extensively to the development of these standards. Their PDF Web Viewer library implements the best quality rendering of PDF documents.


Aspose is a very broad library for handling many document types and features. It is our prime solution for high scalable requirements. In combination with the cloud architecture highly scalable loads and peak, requirements can be provided for an affordable price.


Nuance is the best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution. It is our favorite when it comes to any OCR features. For many years Nuance (or Omnipage) is providing end-user recognition features. We have incorporated this service to provide the best of its functionalities to our customers.

Microsoft Azure

Nowadays there is no in-house data center anymore needed. Microsoft Azure provides the required globally distributed data centers to run PDF4me.

We are continuously looking for the best libraries in the market and integrating them to fulfill our customer’s requirements. PDF4me Consumer is providing only a subset of the possible features we have partnered with. For developers, have a look at the site. You get there much more of the possible features.