Protect Document

Connector ID: ProtectDocument

Password protection of a document is that which is needed to keep your information safe and secure. Unauthorized access to your document can be prevented to a great extent using this PDF4me feature ‘Protect Document’.

Protect action


File ContentBase64, Required

Map source PDF file content from the previous action

File NameString, Required

Source file name with proper file extension

PasswordString, Required

Password to protect your PDF file

PDF PermissionEnum, Required

Permissions to be set while protecting with password. Allowed options are

  • All
  • None
  • Copy
  • Annotate
  • Fill Forms
  • Support Disabilities
  • Assemble
  • Digital Print
  • Print and Modify.


File ContentBinary

Password protected PDF file content from PDF4me protect action

File NameString

Output file name from PDF4me protect action


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