Create Image from PDF

Connector ID: CreateThumbnail

Generate images from specified PDF pages using the Create Image action. Converting PDF pages to images is done with precision in PDF4me by this feature.

Create Image from PDF action In Power Automate


File ContentBase64, Required

Map source PDF file content from the previous action

File NameString, Required

Source PDF file name with .pdf extension

Image ExtensionEnum, Required

Choose desired image output format from the list. The supported formats are -
jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, jb2, jp2, jpf, jpx, png, tif, tiff.

Width PixelsNumeric, Required

Width of the image in Pixels

Page NumberNumeric Array, Required

Specify the pages to be converted as images in an array


File ContentBinary

Output file content from the PDF4me Create Thumbnail action

File NameString

Output file name from the PDF4me Create Thumbnail action