Add Barcode to PDF

This action allows you to add a barcode to the document. It can be placed in a desired size and position with a given text. The barcode types allowed are QR Code, Code128, Datamatrix, Aztec, Hanxin, and Pdf417.

Add Barcode to PDF action


PDF File contentbyte, Required

Map source PDF file content from the previous action

PDF File Namestring, Required

Source PDF file name with .pdf extension

Textstring, Required

The text to be generated as a barcode.

Barcode Typestring , Required

Select the type of barcode to be added

Pagesstring, Required

Specify the page numbers like 1,2 or ‘all’ for the whole PDF

Align Horizontalstring, Required

Set the horizontal alignment of the Barcode

Align Verticalstring

Set the vertical alignment of the Barcode

Height in mmstring, Required

Height of the barcode in millimeters or ‘0’ for auto-detect.

Width in mmstring, Required

Width of the Barcode in millimeters. ‘0’ for auto-detect.

Margin Horizontal In mmstring, Required

Margin from left origin of the Barcode in millimeters

Margin Vertical In mmstring, Required

Margin from the top origin of the Barcode in millimeters

Opacityinteger, Required

Give a value between 0 to 100 where ‘0’ is completely transparent.


File ContentBinary

File content of the compressed document

File NameString

The file name of the output document