Generate Document (Single)

Dynamically Generate a document using the PDF4me Generate Document action for Power Automate. Use Word, HTML, or PDF templates using mustache syntax or merge fields as the source. The data sources can be JSON or XML. You need to loop the action and iterate the data for generating multiple documents.


Template File TypeEnum, Required
Default: DOCX

Template file type.

  • Word - Set this value when sending a Word template
  • HTML - Set this value when sending an HTML template
  • PDF - Set this value for a PDF template
Template File NameString, Required

Name of the Template with the proper file extension

Templare File DataBase64, Required

Map the Template file content

Document Data TypeEnum, Required
Default: JSON

The data type for the template

  • JSON
  • XML
Document Data FileBase64, Required

Map the Data file for the Template

Document Data TextString

It is required only if the Data file is not mapped. You can manually enter the Data for the template in JSON or XML format.

File Meta DataString

Any additional Metadate for fields in JSON format

Output TypeEnum, Required
Default: DOCX

The file format of the Generated Document

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • HTML


File ContentBinary

The Output file from the Generate Document action

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