Rotate a single Page in PDF

A page might want to be oriented in a different direction for certain purposes like, for a better placement of contents and layout. You can rotate a selected page in a PDF document using this feature of PDF4me at ease.


FileFile, Required

Map the PDF file from which the page is to be rotated. The file uploaded should always be PDF. A URL containing a file can also be passed as a parameter.

File NameString

You can specify file name. Otherwise name will be picked from File field.

Page NumberNumber, Required

Page to be rotated. A single number is allowed.

Rotate DirectionOption, Required

Rotate direction for pages. The allowed values are

  • No Rotation (0°)
  • Clockwise (90°)
  • Upside Down (180°)
  • Counter Clockwise (270°)



File containing rotated page PDF

File NameString

File name of the rotated page PDF without extension

Full File NameString

File name of the rotated page PDF with extension

File ExtensionString

File extension