Generate Documents (Multiple)

Dynamically Generate multiple documents with a single action using the PDF4me Generate Documents action for Zapier. Use Word or HTML templates using mail merge syntax or merge fields as the source. The data sources can be JSON or XML.


Template FileFile, Required

Map the template file for generating documents.

Template File NameString

Name of the Template (This will be used to name the output)

Template TypeOptions, Required
Default: Word

Template file type.

  • Word - Set this value when sending a Word template
  • HTML - Set this value when sending an HTML template
  • PDF - Set this value for a PDF template
Data FileFile

Map the Data file for generating documents.

Data File NameString

Name of the Data file

Input Data TypeOptions
Default: JSON

Data type for the template

  • JSON
  • XML
Output Document TypeOptions

The output type of generated documents

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • HTML


The output of the action is an array of documents. To read them one by one, you can use Loop By Zapier. This Zapier step is in the beta version.

File NameString

The file name of the file without extension

File ExtensionString

File Extension of the output

Full File NameString

Name of the file including extension

File URLString

URL containing generated document

File SizeNumber

Size of the document

Generate Documents in Zapier