Add Text Watermark to PDF

Creates textual stamps on PDF documents. This feature lets you to highly personalize your stamp. You may select the pages where the stamps will be applied to. For detailed information refer the ‘Stamp’ Action.


FileFile, Required

The PDF file to apply the stamp/watermark. The file uploaded should always be PDF. A URL containing a file can also be passed as a parameter.

File NameString

You can specify file name. Otherwise name will be picked from File field. This field will be set as file name for output file.

Page NumberString, Required

Pages where watermark/stamp need to be applied. Possible values are including numbers ( 1,2,3 etc) or text (first, last and all).

TextString, Required

Text to be applied as watermark/stamp.


Transparency for text. values from 0-100. 0 for max transparency and 100 for max opacity.

Horizontal AlignmentOption, Required

Horizontal alignment of text stamp. The allowed values are

  • Left - left edge of the page
  • Center - equal distance from left and right edge of the page
  • Right - right edge of the page
Vertical alignmentOption, Required

Vertical alignment of text stamp. The allowed values are

  • Top - top edge of the page
  • Middle - equal distance from top and bottom edge of the page
  • Bottom - bottom edge of the page



PDF file that contains text watermark added

File NameString

File Name without extension

Full File NameString

File Name with extension

File ExtensionString

File extension