Extract Text from PDF

Extract text from a PDF. Copies all text from your PDF document entirely or page-wise. If you select ‘Extract Mode’ page-wise you will get a list of text with the page number. In ‘Full Document’ mode, you will get the entire document text in a single field.


FileFile, Required

Map the PDF file that contains the text to be extracted. The file uploaded should always be PDF. A URL containing a file can also be passed as a parameter.

File NameString

You can specify the file name. Otherwise, the name will be picked from the File field.

Extract ModeOption, Required
Default: pagewise

Select the type of extract. The allowed values are

  • Full Document: extract the entire document text into the output field ‘text’.
  • Page wise: returns a list of text with page numbers. (pageTextInfo output field)
Extract Text from PDF in Zapier


The output contains the extracted text based on the Extract Mode.


The document’s entire extracted text will be available in this field if ‘Extract Mode’ is page wise.


Contains a list of extracted text with the page numbers. ( If ‘Extract Mode’ is Full Document). List contains the below properties.