Create Image from PDF

Create thumbnail for a single page from a PDF file! You can choose the width and type of image format that’s made into the thumbnail. The height of the image would maintain aspect ratio with the width of the image.


FileFile, Required

Map the PDF file from where the thumbnail is to be generated. The file uploaded should always be PDF. A URL containing the file can also be passed as a parameter.

File NameString

You can specify file name. otherwise name will be picked from File field.

Page NumberNumber, Required

Enter page number of the selected page for thumbnail creation.

WidthNumber, Required

Image width of the thumbnail generated.

Image FormatOption, Required

Image format of the thumbnail generated. Allowed values are

  • Png
  • Jpg
  • Bmp
  • Gif
  • Tiff



Image file generated from PDF

File NameString

File name of the image without extension

Full File NameString

File name of the image with extension

File ExtensionString

File extension of the image. This will be based on the image format selected.