Create Pdf/A

Generates PDF file as PDF/A compliant file format. Converting a PDF file to a certain archive format depends on the content type of the file. This can definitely help you for long term storage and usage.



File NameString, Required

Source file name with proper file extension

FileBinary, Required

Input file from the source action

PDF/A ComplianceEnum, Required

PDF/A Compliance to be applied. Four allowed options are

  • PDF/A-1b Basic Compliance
  • PDF/A-1a
  • PDF/A-2b
  • PDF/A-2a
  • PDF/A-2u
  • PDF/A-3a
  • PDF/A-3b
  • PDF/A-3c


Document > DocDataByte[]

Output file content from PDF4me action

Document > NameString

Output file name from PDF4me action