Protect Document

PDF file generally contain data contents which are used for easy transfer of information across the internet. Its is important that we protect our data from unauthorized access. PDF4me helps you set password for the PDF file.



File NameBinary, Required

PDF File to be password protected. The file uploaded should always be PDF.

File NameString, Required

Source file name with proper file extension

PasswordString, Required

Password to be set for PDF file.

PDF PermissionsEnum, Required

Permissions to be set while encrypting with password. Allowed options are

  • All
  • None
  • Copy
  • Annotate
  • Fill Forms
  • Support Disabilities
  • Assemble
  • Digital Print
  • Print and Modify.


Document > DocDataByte[]

Output file content from PDF4me action

Document > NameString

Output file name from PDF4me action