Rotate Document

Rotate pages of your document using PDF4me Rotate action. The pages can be rotated in three directions. Clockwise (90°), Upside down (180°) and Counter Clockwise (270°). This way, you can choose the display of the content in a direction for better visibility and presentation.



FileBinary, Required

PDF File to be rotated. The file uploaded should always be PDF

File NameString, Required

Source file name with proper file extension

Page NumberString, Required

Mention the page numbers like 1,2,4

Rotate TypeEnum, Required

Rotate direction for pages. The allowed values are

  • No Rotation (0°)
  • Clockwise (90°)
  • Upside Down (180°)
  • Counter Clockwise (270°)


Document > DocDataByte[]

Output file content from PDF4me action

Document > NameString

Output file name from PDF4me action