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What is Document Generation?

Dynamic document generation is the process of creating a batch of documents that are personalized with dynamic data from a source on a predefined template. For example, invoices, receipts, quotes, contracts, etc are personalized to address each recipient.

Creating documents with dynamic data would require a data source, like a list, spreadsheet, database, JSON, or array. Merge fields are placeholders in predefined templates that are later replaced using data from one of the above-mentioned or any other supported data sources.

Generating a document with dynamic data requires the application of techniques like mail merge or using merge fields. One of the most popular methods of dynamic document generation involves the use of a simple design syntax, which is far easier in creating templates. Custom invoices are based on document templates created using Word or other form creators that have to merge field capabilities. A simple field would look like this -


PDF4me’s Generate Document action API lets you create scenarios to generate dynamic documents and automate them. The generation process can be automated with simple configurations if you have the template and the dynamic data ready. The template can be a Word file or HTML, or any other supported format. The data can be a Spreadsheet, CSV, JSON, XML, or data list.

Generate document action in various platforms

Power Automate

Mail Merge with Data File (List of Docs)
Mail Merge with Data File (Single Doc)
Mail Merge with Data String (List of Docs)
Mail Merge with Data String (Single Doc)
Generate Document from Word
Generate Document from HTML
Generate Document from PDF


Generate a Document
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Generate a Document
Generate Multiple Documents