General Guidelines

Connect to Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a platform provided by Microsoft to connect a wide range of applications and create workflows for complex document tasks. For Instance, using the PDF4me connector in Microsoft flow helps you access a document from mail or storage like outlook or OneDrive, process it using PDF4me, and store it back to a storage or email it again. And yes! All of these can be automated in a simple manner.

PDF4me has 2 connectors supporting the same features based on which they are authenticated -

  • PDF4me Connect - Requires the PDF4me API Key
  • PDF4me - Direct authentication using your PDF4me account credentials

Authorizing the PDF4me Connect with Key

We assume you already have an account with us and a PDF4me API Key. If you don’t have one, create an account with us for getting an API Key. You can refer to the documentation on getting started with PDF4me for help with the process.

Once you have a Key ready, log in to your Power Automate Account. Go to the Data menu and under the Connections.

Power automate dashboard

Select the + New Connection link. Search for ‘PDF4me’ and select the PDF4me Connect connector.

Power automate New Connection window

In the pop-up window that follows, enter the PDF4me API key to authenticate the connector.

Wondow for enetering PDF4me Key

Authorizing the PDF4me with credentials

For the PDF4me, you will only require to log in directly with your PDF4me account credentials.

From the New Connection page, select the PDF4me connector.

Select the PDF4me connector from new connection page

From the pop-up select the Create Button.

PDF4me OAuth connection page

Another pop-up for logging in, enter your credentials used for creating the PDF4me account.

PDF4me Login window for connector authorization