RapidAPI is one of the largest API Marketplaces, that allows developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs. Now PDF4me API is also available in RapidAPI. Developers can find PDF4meAPI in RapidAPI , embed into their app and track the usages of all the APIs, in a single dashboard.

PDF4me API helps to easily manipulate the documents using the features below:

Compress PDF

This feature can help you reduce the PDF file-size at a better precision. Large PDF files can be compressed, which makes it easier to share.

Convert OCR PDF

The feature helps to generate quality pdf files, using optical character recognition technique. You can extract text by creating searchable PDF files from scanned documents and images.

Convert PDF to Excel

The feature helps you to create excel spreadsheets from PDF files. When this conversion of PDF to XLS or XLSX format happens, you hardly would need any reformatting or manual data entry job.

PDF to Powerpoint

The feature lets you to create powerpoints from your PDF file. The powerpoint, so created is also editable.

PDF to Word

This feature will let you, generate editable DOCX files from PDF. The output DOCX files also retain the quality from its source PDF file.


Convert your PDF and office documents to reflowable eBooks that are compatible across devices. This format is widely being used by eBook readers, using Kindle or Kobo.

Convert to PDF

Convert from various popular formats to PDF using this feature of PDF4me. The range of file formats that can be transformed inlude doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, txt, eml, bmp, gif, jpeg, png and tiff. Those files which are converted to PDF documents are generated with PDF/A compliance.

PDF to mobi

Convert documents to readable ePub files or mobi files. This feature lets you to convert PDF and office documents to reflowable eBooks, that can be viewed and read from a mobile screen.


Use this feature of PDF4me, should you need to archive your files for a long term PDF/A compliant files from your ordinary PDF files are created using this tool.

Protect PDF

Add a password to PDF documents to prevent unauthorized access to the file content. This way, you can maintain privacy and keep all the information safe and secure.


“Rotate” feature is a very reliable part of the PDF4me tool, and helps you to orient the contents of the pages as per need, clockwise, anti-clockwise or upside-down. The feature helps you, rotate pages of a document in a particular direction. or in multiple directions.

Split by Barcode

Splitting documents using Barcodes and QR codes can be done using this feature.
Various types of barcoding formats are considered for handy use, in splitting the documents.

Split the PDF

Split a PDF file into multiple small PDF files, totally independent in nature. These can be later separately used and stored as per the requirement.


The feature helps you, protect the integrity and ownership of your document with watermarks and stamps. Text or Image stamps can be used here for the protection of digital documents.