Convert PDF to Excel using Power Automate and PDF4me

By Varun Satish | Automation

Convert PDF to Excel using Power Automate and PDF4me

Looking for a service to convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets using Power Automate? Automate your PDF with tabular data into MS Excel spreadsheets. You might also have PDFs created using scanned document images or images of documents captured using a camera. It is not easy to create Excel files from these images or PDFs in such cases. It requires the implementation of OCR for recognizing the text in such PDF files.

The conversion of such data, existing as a list or in a tabular format, can be smartly done by PDF4me integration with Power Automate. The process can be completely automated using the Convert PDF to Excel action from PDF4me in Power Automate. The high-quality OCR engine ensures that all possible text is recognized accurately. PDF4me’s powerful converter recognizes the layout and formatting of your text content to achieve this.

How to automate PDF to Excel conversion?

Automation of PDF to other format conversions can be easily achieved with PDF4me connect integration with Power Automate. Let us look at an example of how to automate this process with a Flow.

PDF to Excel flow in Power Automate

Add a trigger to detect source files

Add and configure a Onedrive trigger to initiate the automation as soon as new files are detected in the configured folder. The trigger passes the PDf files to the next action.

Onedrive trigger for PDF to Excel Flow

Add PDF4me PDF to Word action

Add the PDF to Excel action and configure all the mandatory parameters.

PDF to Excel action from PDF4me

Map the following in the PDF to Excel action -

  • File Content - Map the file content from the trigger
  • File Name - File name of the file from Onedrive trigger
  • Quality type - Select the quality type - Draft or High
    • We recommend High quality profile as it implements a powerful OCR engine that ensures maximum accuracy.

Add action to save output files

Add a Create File action from Onedrive to store back the output Word files to the folder you desire. You can also configure any available storage as you desire for this flow.

Save files Onedrive action for PDF to Excel flow

With a PDF4me Developer Subscription, you can create Flows in Power Automate that can automate the conversion of PDF to Excel at a low cost. The subscription ensures your automation never stops due to any shortage in the number of API calls.

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