Convert PDF to Excel using Make and PDF4me

By Varun Satish | Automation

Convert PDF to Excel using Make and PDF4me

Invoices, receipts, quotes, and many other business documents these days come in PDF format. Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, are inevitable, for jobs, which have been a part of any data analysis, computing, or statistical representation of such data. More often, the need to extract the data available as PDF content into a spreadsheet becomes a priority in the day-to-day business.

The conversion of such data, existing as a list or in a tabular format, can be smartly done by PDF4me integration with Make. The process can be completely automated using the Convert PDF to Excel action from PDF4me in Make. Let us look with a simple scenario, how this workflow can be automated.

How to convert PDF to Excel with Make?

With no coding, you can now automate the conversion of PDF documents into Excel spreadsheets. The Make scenario we are building would look like the below.

Scenario for PDF to Excel action

Add a trigger

Our sample scenario uses a Dropbox trigger. Add a Dropbox module with the ‘Watch Files’ action. Configure the folder in which the files are expected to arrive.

Dropbox trigger for PDF to Excel scenario

Add a Download file Dropbox action

Once the template file is detected in the source folder, the Dropbox module with the Download file action will pass the file from the storage to the PDF4me action.

Dropbox download file action

Add a Convert PDF to Excel action

Search for a PDF4me module with Convert PDf to Excel action. As soon as a file is downloaded by the Dropbox module, it will pass the file to the PDF4me module. The action employs high-quality algorithms to organize data from the PDf to Spreadsheets.

Convert PDF to Excel action from PDF4me

Add a Save to Dropbox module

Add a Dropbox module with the Upload files action to save all the files to the desired folder.

Save to Dropbox module for saving converted files

With a PDF4me Developer Subscription, you can create scenarios in Make that can automate the mass generation of documents with dynamic data at a low cost. The subscription ensures your automation never stops due to any shortage in the number of API calls.

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